Your brand, our project

At Tier Ten, we work as your brand representative, creating and managing your online presence. We’ll sell for you, stock for you, ship for you, and deal with all the myriad details that come along with the business.

Here’s how we create your success:

Create your online storefront

We’ll create your own beautiful webpage on the Amazon platform from which we’ll promote and sell your product line. We will manage all aspects of this platform, from orders to fulfillment, and we’ll monitor customer feedback and interactions.

Sell your stock

We buy your products for exclusive resale and work to promote your brand online. Awarding us exclusive rights, rather than selling your products to multiple sellers, will enable you to have more control over your brand and see better results from marketing efforts.

Understand your audience

We want your products to sell well too! That’s why we invest in comprehensive market research, getting to know your target audience. We analyze your market, understand what your customers want, and tweak our selling strategy accordingly.

Bolster your brand

Once we understand what your customer wants, we can use that knowledge to help update and improve your packaging and target your messaging to appeal to them. We have a full in-house creative team that will produce updated design, photography, Amazon A+ content, and more.

Improve cash flow

Fees and chargebacks are a real pain — Amazon is constantly changing its rules, making it hard to keep up and avoid chargebacks. They withhold your revenue for too long, causing cash flow issues and hindering your growth. Returns and refunds also take a bite out of your bottom line. Tier Ten pays you for your inventory with standard business terms, and deals with all the annoying details so you don’t have to worry about any of this.

Drive traffic

We’ll optimize your product detail pages, images, keywords, descriptions, and backend search to improve SEO. We’ll create and manage PPC ad campaigns, and also work to boost your ratings and increase your brand recognition.

Corner the market

Grow your brand across multiple channels. While Amazon is our primary focus, we also branch out and bring your products to marketplaces such as Walmart, Target+, and others.

Curtail competitors

Unauthorized and counterfeit sellers can really harm your brand, driving down your bottom line. We keep on top of the marketplace, watch out for these illegal and unauthorized entities, and take steps to report and remove them, stopping them in their tracks.